In the name of Allah the most gracious and the most merciful

Opportunity to Earn Aynun Jaariyah for Yourself

ALHAMDULILLAH ! By the enormous Grace and Mercy of Allah (swt) ,
NurulQuran Institue is in process to Start a Learning Center
for Islamic Education of Muslim community& Social Welfare in & around London,UK .

   This Center in UK will offer courses for in-depth understanding of Qur'an and Sunnah . Thus establishment of this centre,
will not only be a great source of knowledge and benefit for UK Community but will be of great benefit for this generation
& future generations to come of the whole Muslim community internationally inshaAllah.

Lets make a difference with our small contributions by being a part of this project , to connect lost hearts with their Rabb, to protect & save generations & generations from being the dwellers of hellfire ,to correct the mistaken image of our religion in western societies , to mould our own future generations to be leaders of pious & pioneers of good conduct.

Let’s race to seize the opportunity & spend for our Palaces in Jannah! 

Avail this Golden Opportunity while we are alive! Imagine reaping rewards for donating to this building, for every student that will study there,, for every household that will be leaders of pious, for every Muslim that will pray there…..everlasting and a non-ending reward. 

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Earn Sadaqa e Jariya for Yourself



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